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The Baby Shark 
The New Revolution The New Perspective

This is my journey with my little Son. He is the one who inspired me to bring The Baby Shark live.
When I used to search for clothes for my little one, I used to get bored looking at the same designs and characters.
I have to search a lot to get the desired design which could attract me and my little monster. 
I Even observed my kid learning from the Tshirt designs. By looking at the designs he used to imagine new things and we used to play like searching colors, shapes etc.

Even the kids catch things easily when they visualize it in their daily routine.
So I thought of why not bring the designs in such a way that will help them to play, enjoy and also learn easily and remember it.
Also, this will be a fun and easy way of bonding and spending meaningful time for a parent with their child.

This brand will be the new revolution in kids fashion with a Perspective to make learning easy and enjoyable.

Our Brand Name is TheBabyShark.

Company registered and legal name - Unboxpassion

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